Richie Sambora announces a collaboration with Ovation Guitars

Richie Sambora is proud to announce a collaboration with Ovation Guitars to launch a new Richie Sambora Signature Series Elite Double Neck guitar! Richie will donate royalties from the sales of this signature guitar to the non-profit organization Notes for Notes, which builds, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios in Boys & Girls Clubs after school facilities across the United States for youth to explore, create and record music for free.

In addition, Ovation Guitars, in conjunction with the DW Music Foundation(DWMF) will debut the RS Rockstar™ guitar. This six-string, “RS” model guitar will be donated to each Notes for Notes location along with a DW drumset and an LP cajon to equip each studio with professional level musical instruments. The DWMF will also work with other partnering charities to donate RS Rockstar™ model guitars to music education programs in underserved communities worldwide.